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We’ve just kicked off construction of the new warehouse for Apinex according to our own design. 


HBG is a project for a building complex located at Wroclawska street in Legnica, in close proximity to the local hospital. It is intended as a centre for various medical services and other similar ventures. 


Honorary chapter in the 2018 edition of the national competition “Modernization of the Year” 



18   /   10   /   2021

Our newest construction begins!

After swiftly wrapping up all administrative procedures we’re entering the construction site as the main contractor for Apinex and their newest warehouse. 


17   /   08   /   2021

Dynamically growing Apinex sp z. o. o. decided to put their trust in us once again. We’re currently undertaking all necessary preparation to start construction of their new warehouse soon.

Dziękujemy za zaufanie!


30   /   07   /   2021

Some birds notice an increased activity in the airspace. Is it possible that the aviation industry is finally ready to get back on its feet? New investments on the horizon!


01   /   06   /   2021

Can the iconic “Klon” come back from the dead?


We’re currently working on revitalising the old restaurant building to serve as a modern venue with health and wellbeing at its forefront. 


02   /   08   /   2021

The construction of another production hall for HURAS KiBMS sp. z o. o. is now underway. 

We’re pleased to inform that the new extension plant is now under construction and we’re playing the role of designer, project supervisor and investor. 


04   /   05   /   2021

PKP station in Olesno will soon get its well-deserved functional remodelling and face-lift.

As auteurs of the project and its supervisors we’re actively insuring the building gets the highest quality reconstruction possible whilst keeping fingers crossed for the main contractor.

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